Way to go, Weiner.

Before this is no longer topical… Weinergate.

I ask you, what was he thinking? We all know what he was thinking *with*, but seriously. How could he honestly believe that he could send digital photos like that via the internet (Twitter DMs, no less) to women he’d never met and no one would ever find out…

There’s only one explanation: he’s an idiot.

The person I feel bad for in all of this is his wife. Married just over a year and you find out that your husband has been sending pictures of his chest (and what we’ll call “Weiner’s Weiner”) to strange women on the internet and lying about it. Forget about his lying to the whole world, he’s lied *to you*.

His wife is attractive, relatively successful and definitely connected. And 13 years his junior. Rep. Weiner, did you really think you were going to do any better by trawling random chicks who posted that you’re “hottt” on your Facebook page?

I don’t think he’s sorry he did it, I think he’s sorry he fucked up and got caught. Because if he hadn’t accidentally mis-Tweeted that picture, he’d still be doing this kind of shit. And lying about it every single day.

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