A myriad of options

Despite the fact that it’s almost midnight, I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do next. I make a cup of tea – Lemon Valerian, despite the fact that I’m relatively sleepy even without it – and fire up the Blitzen Trapper album Furr I downloaded from iTunes a couple of weeks ago. Ironically the first song on the album is ‘Sleepytime in the Western World’. Not here, not yet.

The tea is too hot so I put it next to me and run through my options one by one.

1) I could watch some of the Gilmore Girls episodes I have recorded. But there’s only a few left before I catch up to where Arena is so that doesn’t seem all that pressing. I have no idea why I’m so addicted to that show at the moment. It’s on M–F and I record it daily and watch it when I can. I think they’re only up to like Season 4, so I have three more seasons to go before Lorelai and Luke finally get together for good. Which is why I’m watching, of course.

2) I could surf the web. Amazingly enough for one who spends 85% of her day online, surfing the web at this moment has no interest for me. No idea why, but I figure I’ll just do that in the morning, with my coffee and english muffin. It’s Sunday night and there won’t be that much new stuff anyways.

3) I could watch the last unwatched episode of 30 Rock I have on my computer. But since it’s the last one I have, I want to save it. For when, I’m not quite sure. It’s like that last bit of luxurious bath oil you’ve got that you never quite want to use because you don’t really know when you’ll get back to that shop again and you don’t want to be without it to look forward to, because it’s just that good.

4) I could play a video game. Some PvP in World of Warcraft, finish World 1 (1-player) in Super Mario Bros. Wii, or blow myself up walls in ‘Splosion Man on the Xbox. But I played Final Fantasy XI most of the day and I’m thinking I’m too tired to play anything else. My Beastmaster is, amazingly enough, almost Level 50. And yes, I iz nerd. Tenkyouveddymuch.

5) I could read. I’m halfway through Weaveworld and unlike Infinite Jest, I don’t want to stop and start reading something else before I’ve finished it. It’s immersive and even when I’m not reading it I feel like I’m still somehow in that world. And reading something else would break the spell.

In as much as I have a bag from Kinokuniya containing three new and still unread books that haven’t even made it to my bedside table yet (and thus aren’t listed in the sidebar), I decide reading is the go. If I can stay awake long enough.

But first, of course, I have to write a blog post outlining my options. I blow on my tea, pound out a quick post in Write Room and throw it up on WordPress. Then I blow on my tea some more, crack open Weaveworld and away I go.

I hope reading keeps all the thoughts at bay as well as writing a mindless blog entry or playing video games does, but I doubt it.

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