oracleBook: Pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman. American Gods and Anansi Boys are my favourites. Confession: I have never read The Sandman series. I swear that I will finish Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace before I die…

Snack: Grapes. Green. Seedless. Straight from the refrigerator. And Nutella. On toast, so it melts.

Restaurant: Spice Temple in Sydney. The Hot and numbing white cut chicken is amazing. And hot. And yes, it totally numbs your mouth with the pain. Awesome.

Beverage: Schweppes Mango and Orange Mineral Water. The only problem is that it doesn’t really quench your thirst. Drink a glass and you want another. And then another. It’s insidious. Sadly I can’t get it now that I’m in the US.

Decor: No particular style, but I guess I’d call it ‘Contemporary Comfy’. Big modular sofa in front of a very large flat screen TV, where I vegitate, read and play video games or watch Seinfeld reruns.

Actor / Actress: You know, I don’t really have an actor or actress who’d I’d characterise as being a ‘current obsession’. If I had to pick I’d say Steve Buscemi.

Movie: Anything by Wes Anderson. But he needs to bring back the Futura…

TV show: The Real Housewives of New York. It’s my dirty little secret which, given that I’m putting this on the internet, really isn’t a secret anymore.

Hobby: MMOs. Particularly World of Warcraft.*cough* Also Final Fantasy XIV.

Band: The Magnetic Fields. I can listen to them for hours on end, particularly the album 69 Love Songs.

Song: Single Ladies –  but *only* the cover by Pomplamoose.

Meme: Stupid cat videos, especially the one where the cat plays ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Quote: “What fresh hell is this?” – Dorothy Parker, whenever the phone rang.

Peeve: Grocery bags where everything is just shoved in. I have to presort and organise my groceries on the conveyor belt, before they get to the cashier.

Sport: I have no sports obsessions whatsoever. I used to love ice hockey and the New York Rangers, but I lost interest while I lived in Australia.

Singer: Amanda Fucking Palmer. She’s brilliant and eclectic and I keep listening to Who Killed Amanda Palmer over and over.

(meme from Sunday Stealing. current as of April 2017.)

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