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Another long weekend for me, this one shared with millions of Australians: the Queen’s Birthday. Not quite so long as my weekend last weekend (which was four days – this one is only three). It’s bucketing down, as it has for most of the weekend, but tucked in bed with my dog at my feet and the sound of the rain beating on the roof makes it a not-so-horrible experience.

There was a bit of beautiful weather early yesterday, which made me think I might go out and do some street photography in the afternoon. But for the most part it’s been grey and rainy – a great excuse to stay home, watch a buttload of TV (mostly on the networks’ websites) and play EVE.

I haven’t touched WoW or LOTRO since I downloaded the EVE trial a week ago. And today I converted to the full subscription version. I think back to the first few months I played WoW, starting in October 2006, and this feels very much the same in as much as I have no idea what’s going on.

When I first played WoW it was practically the Stone Age as far as the game was concerned. There was no in-game quest tracker. Quest items you were seeking didin’t sparkle. When I finally realised you got these things called ‘talent points’ (at about Level 14, as opposed to Level 10 when I actually got them), I spread them evenly across the three trees so my character would be balanced. It took ages to get anywhere – the journey from Stormwind to Darnassus to train some particular skill was epic. Long, but epic. Just getting there was an accomplishment.

But after I while I figured it out (and the game itself got easier). While each expansion brought new areas to explore, it was all pretty much the same and consumed pretty quick at that. There was no more learning and very little discovery.

RIFT and LOTRO were very similar. Similar UI, similar questing mechanic, same levelling process, similar endgame. There wasn’t much that was different, and I quickly grasped the basic mechanics. And I could see that when I got to max level, the endgame would be the same as WoW.

But with EVE, everything is different. I have no idea how things work. I’m going slowly because I’m researching things as I go. I have no idea what endgame looks like because there is none.

I’m loving the challenge and feeling like I have NFI what I’m doing.

I’m actually thinking of unsubscribing again from WoW and LOTRO. I have no desire to play them and I can always resub at pick up either game from where I left off if I choose to go back.

The rain has stopped and it’s time for bed – more EVE tomorrow. And maybe some Thai food, if they’re not closed for the holiday.

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