Almost there

Today was an extraordinarily beautiful day. One of those patented Sydney autumn days where the sky is a brilliant blue, the grass is vibrantly green, and the sun sparkles across the water like mica flakes on a rock. It wasn’t the least bit hot, despite the sun, and I’m optimistic enough to think that perhaps we’ve seen the end of the Indian Summer that’s plagued us the past week or so.

Yes, plagued. I am not a hot weather person. I hate it with a passion. Autumn is my absolute favourite season and its delay has put me on edge. That and the million and one things I’ve needed to do to get settled in my new life.

I’m not quite settled yet, though I’m almost there, and I think I’ve also been on edge because I’m just tired of always having something that needs to be done. It’s not that I haven’t had any fun and relaxation, I have. It’s just that they feel like stolen moments when I should be doing something else.

June. I’m thinking it’ll all be settled by June. That’s not so close that it’s overwhelming and not so far off that it feels like an eternity.

I like that.

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