Bruce Gilden: Gangsters & Tough Guys / Picnic with Sergey

“Gangster types – I’m fascinated by them, you know? I don’t judge them, ok? In many ways I find them more ‘pure’ than supposedly honest people. These people are what they are, and they do what they do, you know? And that’s it.” – Bruce Gilden
Sunday has kind of become Internet Day around here, at least the mornings. Not that I don’t go on the internet at other times (I think I’m almost always on, tbh) but on Sundays I spend time reading articles and watching videos, usually on photography. And somehow I keep finding wonderful things like these videos that I’ve missed.

Donovan Wylie on the Maze Series & his influences

“Between 2002 and 2003 Donovan Wylie spent almost a hundred days photographing inside the Maze prison. Through its history of protests, hunger strikes and escapes, this prison, holding both republican and loyalist prisoners, became synonymous with the Northern Ireland conflict. After the Belfast peace agreement in 1998, inmates were gradually released, but the Maze remained open. Wylie was the only photographer granted official and unlimited access to the site, and when the demolition of the prison began, symbolizing the end of the conflict in 2007, he systematically recorded its demise. The photographs which document this period are divided into four sections, each depicting a layer of the prison: the internal walls, the various modes of fencing, the H-blocks and, finally, the perimeter walls, which reveal the external landscape. Eventually this once-enclosed space is reintegrated with the outside world.”

I got to hear him speak on Friday night, and just bought the book today from