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Saturday night, as I was leaving Tron, my head exploded. Not literally of course. Well, not entirely literally. Mucous pretty much erupted from 50% of the orifices in my head and I sneezed my way up George Street. On the plus side, nobody got anywhere near me on the bus.

So Sunday I ended up spending most of the day (and night) in bed. Not that it was a particularly hard gig, mind you. With the new ABC iView app for iPad, it’s like having a little TV next to my bed. So I laid in bed, listened to the rain, watched a documentary on Elizabeth I, and straightened up my digital life.

My digital life is fairly segmented. I use Twitter the most. While I have a couple of friends amongst my followers, most of my tweets are about digital or social media, with a fair helping of politics and current affairs. While there’s more than a few personal tweets, I’d say it’s got more of a ‘professional’ bent.

Next is Facebook, which is purely personal. While I have a few work-related Friends, they’re people I really enjoyed working with and liked enough to want to keep in touch with them.

Third is probably this website. While I know that I ‘should’ use it to build my personal brand, I’m kind of ‘meh’ about this. This site is more about me as a person. Photography, politics, games, miscellaneous rambling: this is my home for all that stuff. I’ve had this domain since 2002 and it just seems wrong to make it anything but a personal website.

Then there’s Tumblr. My Tumblr usage is sporadic at best, so the recent 24-hour outage didn’t affect me at all. Tumblr is great for putting up snippets of stuff you find all over the net and that’s pretty much what I use it for: collecting the random crap I find of interest on the internet. Funny, pretty or otherwise intriguing, I put it on Tumblr.

Recently I discovered Posterous. Posterous is also great for capturing stuff from the net, but it’s also good for adding longer blocks of text than Tumblr. So I’ve created a more work-related blog on Posterous, focusing on social media, branding, digital strategy. I haven’t really written anything ‘long form’ there, but I’m hoping to build up to that in time.

Last, and until this weekend least, is my LinkedIn profile. It’s been pretty basic – no summary or expertise listed, just a basic outline of my recent work history.

So this weekend, stuck in bed, I started to populate my Posterous site with a bit more content. I updated my LinkedIn profile and integrated my Tweets and Posterous blog. I even answered a few questions on LinkedIn.

I’m pretty happy with where it all is at the moment. I think I’ve got it all balanced, with each site playing a different role in satisfying my apparently limitless need to communicate. Laying it out like that makes it seem like a lot, but each piece plays a different role and it would be a bit much if I rolled it all into one. Beside, I don’t really expect anybody to read every bit of it.

The only problem? Combine yesterday with an afternoon in the sickbed and I’m now totally up-to-date with everything in my Google Reader feed, plus  I’m catching every Tweet as it comes in. So compared to yesterday’s frenzy of content creation, it’s a bit quiet. I think I need to go to sleep early so the Internet can generate some more stuff for me to consume.

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