Househunting, Day 2

I spent an hour and a half in the spa tub when I got back to the hotel this afternoon. Literally, 90 minutes. It was *amazing*. Couple that with a Kendra marathon on E! (the television was built in at the foot of the tub, complete with waterproof remote control) and it’s a miracle I ever got out.

On the plus side, it wasn’t 40 degrees and stinking hot today. On the negative side, it was muggy and pissing down with rain all day. Booyah.

My day started at 10 with a cab out to what I thought was going to be my dream house. Yeah, again. This time I didn’t have any fantasies about the neighbourhood – the street was super, super busy and there was nothing in the immediate area except for a smash repair shop, a used clothing-and-record store and a PA/music-related type store.

The house itself was very nice – not quite as nice as it looked in the ‘House Beautiful’-esque photos that accompanied the ad on Domain, but by far the nicest house I’ve looked at and the closest to what I’ve imagined myself living in.

But even it had its shortcomings – the ‘two-car garage’ was more like ‘one-and-a-half’ by the time you actually put cars in it, and the ‘sunroom/office’ was no more than a meter wide. The main bedroom faced the street and the building next door was under construction to become an apartment complex.

I’m going to put an application in, but there were several other people who sounded interested so I’m not hopeful. I won’t be devastated if I don’t get it.

Next up was a house in Forest Lodge, near Glebe. I fired up Google Maps and popped in the address – it told me it was a 15-minute walk from my current location. HAH! It was more like 20, 25, but I made it in time nonetheless.

The house was not as beautiful as the first one, but it had a great vibe. It was big and open, with a small backyard for my dog. It was a place you could walk into on Friday after work and happily not leave again until Monday morning if you were so inclined. It needs a bit of freshening up, but it could be really awesome. Definitely putting in an application on this one, but I overheard someone else saying they were going to put an application in as well (they actually asked if it helped if they applied there and then) so I guess we’ll see. I wouldn’t be devastated if I didn’t get it, but I would be a little disappointed.

Next up was a house in Glebe itself. Again, I fired up Google Maps on my beloved e63, got my current location and then got directions to the next house. Seriously, I could not have managed today without Google Maps. It made it so incredibly easy to get from place to place.

The next house looked gorgeous from the outside and was ok in terms of finish, but man – I thought the living room yesterday was veal-worthy, but this place was even smaller. I doubt that the second bedroom could have fit even a double bed, and once again it would have been a struggle to fit a couch and TV in the living room.

On top of that, the house was basically built straight up and down. Kitchen and living area in the basement, second bedroom and maybe another room on the ground floor. And all connected by a narrow, steep spiral staircase. Ummmm… no. Living in that house would have been like living in a prison. I didn’t even bother going upstairs.

I decided to go to the last house on my list for the day, the last one that had parking and took pets. It was over in Newtown so I grabbed a cab and headed over.

This last house was ok – fantastic location, less than a five minute walk from King Street. But the kitchen was decidedly ‘meh’ and the bathrooms were a bit grotty. Plus the owner only wanted a six-month lease in case he “got a bad tenant”. Oh and did I mention the male torso made of plaster that was hanging over the fireplace? The owner wanted to leave it because it was old and would ‘crumble’ if removed… I must have made a face at the prospect of looking at a headless eunuch day after day, because the agent said it could be taken down if that was going to be an issue (um, yeah it would be). Overall I got the sense that the owner was going to be a giant pain in the tuchhus.

Ready to call it a day, I wandered down King Street in search of a cab but quickly gave up. It was absolutely bucketing down by this point so I thought I’d just take a train to Central and then grab the Light Rail back to the hotel. But no, it was trackwork time and the trains were replaced by buses and there were huuuuuge lines for them, so I sloshed my way over to a bus stop and took a normal bus back to town.

By the time I was back at the hotel I resembled a drowned rat. My pants were soaked through in places from the rain, as was my top. So I changed into some comfy clothes, ordered a sandwich from room service and then promptly took a two-hour nap, which was then followed by the aforementioned spa tub marathon. These past couple of days have been the first solid sleeps I’ve had in days and I desperately needed them.

While I’m going back to Canberra tomorrow, there are two more properties which, if still available and positively inclined to pets, I’ll come back to see on Tuesday or Wednesday. And I’ll apply for the first two I saw today. I’m not panicked, not quite yet. Worst case scenario I have to move my start date back a week.

So that gives me at least two weeks until I hit the panic stage… In the interim I’ll just pack boxes and play video games and try not to think about all the changes that are coming my way.

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