I think I’m becoming a ‘movie-goer’.

Saw The King’s Speech last night. I hadn’t really planned on seeing it – didn’t even want to see it, despite the good reviews and stellar cast. But I enjoyed it quite a bit. Involving performances from Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, interesting plot and a not-so-subtle message about how the fear of success and going for what you want can hold you back. A good message for the new year, I think.

There are quite a few movies that I want to see between now and January, actually:

The Tourist –  Yes, I know. It’s supposed to suck. And it has Angelina Jolie, who I absolutely cannot stand. She’s one of those actresses whose real life history can’t help but hang over her head like a bag of elephant poop. Rather than get into the film, I spend the whole time wishing it would just drop on her head. But it has Johnny Depp and I would pretty much pay to watch him read the dictionary. Toss in a couple of glasses of wine and some appetisers from Gold Class, and blamo! it’s a great flick.

Black Swan – I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was little. That was until I actually went to a ballet class and realised, even though I was like six years old, that I sucked. And when I heard what toe shoes actually did to your feet, I switched to modern dance (where my lack of coordination was more easily dismissed as creative expression). Ballet has always fascinated me but more for the back story of the life of a ballerina than the beauty of the dance. Anorexia! Bleeding feet! Vicious backstabbing competition! Bring it.

The Green Hornet – Saw the trailer and it looks just stupid enough to be funny. It’s not coming out to the end of January, and bad reviews might be enough to make me give it a miss. But at the moment it’s a go.

True Grit – Somewhat embarrassingly, I learned about this movie on Twitter. I was like, “Why are people tweeting about a John Wayne movie from over 40 years ago?” A quick Google brought me back into the 21st century, and as soon as I saw it was a Coen Bros movie starring Jeff Bridges it moved to the top of my ‘must-see’ list.

Why haven’t I seen True Grit already, you may ask (you may ask the same thing about Black Swan). Good question. I haven’t seen it yet because it hasn’t opened in Australia yet. /sigh. Why every major film doesn’t have global release dates, I don’t know (and please don’t tell me – there’s no reason that can make me feel less annoyed about it).

Anywho, that’s a minimum of two and potentially four movies in one month. That’s a lot for me. And I will be going to see them all in Gold Class. From a functional perspective, the recliners work better for me as I can curl up, stretch out, etc. and that helps my restless legs which usually act up quite a bit during a movie. From a decadent perspective, it’s comfy, uncrowded and usually teenager free. And they bring me wine and snacks during the movie. It’s like being in the First Class section of some enormous airplane, only without having to worry that your plane is going to drop out of the sky somewhere over the Pacific.

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