I wish everything was this easy

When I moved I left my old Airport Extreme behind. It was old – six or seven years – and seemed like it was going to die soon, as it continually needed to be restarted. Plus since was all setup for CB’s internet account, it was just easier for him to leave it.

So sometime around the first or second week of March I bought a brand new Airport Extreme. Gone was the UFO shape (which I kind of like actually), replaced by a sleek, relatively slim square.

Which worked for all of about two weeks.

I started to notice that my internet kept becoming unresponsive. I thought it was my ISP, so I’d restart the modem and things would work for a bit… and then they’d stop. I was getting lag spikes of like 25000ms on Ventrilo. Finally I decided to cycle everything on and off, modem and Airport Extreme. I unplugged the Airport, since it didn’t have an off button, and plugged it back in.


It didn’t come back on. There was no amber light, no green light, no light at all. I tried various outlets around the house and got no joy from any of them. Grrrrrrrr.

I looked for the box and receipt, then realised I’d inadvertently thrown them both out when cleaning out all the packing materials I used when I moved.

I thought about taking it to the place I bought it, but I paid cash and I was 95% sure they hadn’t taken any of my details. So I decided to take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Sydney. I figured they could see if it was the power supply and if it wasn’t, I thought they’d probably send it away to be fixed.

So I went online and booked an appointment at the Genius Bar for 4.40pm today. When they called me over, I pulled the dead Airport out of my bag and the Genius tried a different power supply.


It was still dead as a doornail. Out came a small cardboard box, like a mailer, just the right size for my Airport. I kind of sighed inside, and told myself it was OK if I was without it for awhile because I had a temporary solution using the Airport Express that usually connected my Xbox. I completed all the paperwork and asked, “So what happens next?”

The guy looked at me like I was a bit dense and said, “You just take that.” And sitting in front of me was a brand new Airport Extreme to replace my dead one.

Just. that. simple.

I was really annoyed that my Airport died so quickly after purchase, and I still wonder why/how that could happen. But Apple made things right without blinking an eye. And that is the kind of thing that keeps me an Apple fangirl.

That and the email I received from Steve Jobs…

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