I’m on a bus

…a motherfecking bus, heading to Sydney to celebrate with friends. The trip usually takes about three and a half hours and is fairly quiet. Today we hit the outskirts of Sydney in two and a half hours and the bus is full of noisy teens heading to the Big Day Out. You win some, you lose some….

There is also ‘the princess’, a tall, thin woman with two young children, the younger of which she mostly ignores as he cries his head off. Apparently she only bought one seat for the three of them.

When queried by the staff as to whether she was going to sit with both of them on her lap, because the bus was fully booked and she only had the one seat, she both agreed and disagreed in broken english. The confused agent didn’t push the point and let her majesty on the bus, where she and the kidlings promptly took up two seats.

The bus was indeed full, but as there was a second coach and our bus left first, I don’t know if someone found themselves stuck in Canberra because her majesty scammed a free seat to Sydney for her kid. I’m pretty sure she could speak English better than she let on.

And CB says I’m selfish and self-centred…

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