In praise of the iPad

I’m at the car dealer, waiting for my car to be serviced. I usually just drop it and run, but I figured I could use the 2 hours of uninterrupted quiet. And I figure that I don’t need to start doing work stuff until 9am. So that gives me 20 more minutes of iPad time.

I know I was fervently anti-iPad when they were announced. Where is the USB port? Where is the Flash support? ZOMG what paltry amounts of storage they have! But when pre-orders opened on the Apple website, I was there. Even worked from home the day it was to be delivered, just so I wouldn’t miss it.

I’ve had it for a couple of months now and I have to say I love it more everyday. It such a personal form of computing, so much more intimate and casual than a laptop. I still use my laptop for things like uploading photos, doing Photoshop, writing longer text documents, etc., but I’m definitely using it less. Twitter, web surfing, email – all done on the iPad. And it cannot be beat for traveling.

For my recent trip to India and South Africa I got two issues of Vanity Fair, two books (Too Big to Fail and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), an issue of WiRED, the entire first season of Glee and a rental of Up in the Air. Oh, and Boggle. All on the iPad. It took up far less space than if I had bought physical versions of all those things and I never once used the in-flight entertainment system.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t get the 3G version – I got the WiFi-only one. My rationale was that I’d be using it mostly at home, in airports and in hotels – all places where there’s (usually) WiFi. But there are the odd occasions, like now, when I wish I had a 3G connection to do a bit of web surfing. Meh. At least I’m saving money not having to pay for the data.

Plus I figure I’ll get an iPhone 4 when those come out in Oz, despite the antenna issue. One data plan will be plenty, tyvm.

And whoops, iPad time is over. 9am and time to fire up the work-supplied Lenovo laptop. *shudder* It’s like flashing back to 2004 when I use that thing.

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