In which I ramble on before going to bed.

9.41pm and I’m in bed. This is the biggest change since I stopped raiding in World of Warcraft – my sleep habits now approximate that of a ‘normal’ person. My average bedtime is no longer 1am. I go to sleep when I’m tired. I rarely if ever stay up til 4am on a weekend. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall into a coma while sitting at my desk at work.

I’ve even been too tired to play much Lord of the Rings. But that’s the nice thing about it – I can log on, do a quest, realise I’m exhausted and logout. Not that I begrudge or regret the time I spent raiding – I really enjoyed it. I’m just enjoying other parts of my life again.

One thing that I did not enjoy was watching the Royal Wedding. That’s because I didn’t watch it. I had planned on watching the Chaser cover it, but when that got canned I realised I didn’t want to sit there for hours listening to Mel and Kochie or Karl and Lisa expound upon the joys of marriage, the exquisite dress or the beautiful bride. I’m still too bitter and twisted (not to mention sad and disillusioned) about my own recent divorce to watch someone else get married and enjoy it. I realised I’d just probably sit there swilling mid-priced Chardonnay and eating Kettle chips while yelling “HE’LL JUST BETRAY YOU!” at the TV screen. So I went to the movies instead.

For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to see Thor, so despite the torrential downpour I geared myself up in my yellow rain slicker and new fleece-lined Bean Boots and headed to the Gold Class cinema. Maybe it was the champagne, but I have to say that I absolutely loved Thor. It was enjoyable and funny and totally entertaining. And the 3D world that Thor inhabited looked amazing – the day they create a 3D MMO that looks like that is the last day I’ll see daylight for a good long while. It’s never going to win an Oscar for Best Picture, but it was much more fun than snivelling in front of the TV while feeling sorry for myself.

But hey – you didn’t need to watch the wedding to enjoy the comments and memes coming from Beatrice’s hat. Seriously. What was she thinking?

Were cats allowed at the ceremony?


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