Same old end game.

Making leather from hides... yuck

With the exception of Friday, I didn’t log any significant time RIFT this long weekend. I dropped in tonight, right before I went to bed (in case I had mail that was about to expire), and was greeted by a guild message that there would be a raid this coming weekend. Everyone who was interested needed to post in the forum.

Though my RIFT main is not yet 50 (still only 43 and dying to get out of the Droughtlands), I checked out the thread. I was disappointed to see that people who were interested in raiding were basically posting a list of stats.

When I started raiding in WoW, back in the days of Karazhan, there was really no pre-determined minimum about what kind of stats I should have as a healer. Gear score didn’t exist, and I may have vaguely known about a spellpower target but that was it. When my druid went into Kara, I couldn’t even tell you what kind of gear she had. When my Priest went in, I had the crafted Tailoring gear and that was about it. I think I even went into 25-mans with that stuff. People didn’t fuss so much about it back then.

And while there’s part of me that goes “OOOH! RAID! Must get to 50 by the weekend!”, I won’t. Like WoW, it’s all about your stats and how many heroics/T2s you’ve run and less about the experience. While I understand the need to do this to ensure success, it’s still a bit disillusioning that it’s turning into the same old thing so quickly. There are no Cleric healers signed up, but I doubt they’d be interested in a fresh Level 50 even if I could get my character there by Saturday. And to be honest, while the idea of raiding on a Saturday afternoon sounds fun, the thought of running and rerunning T1s and T2s to get the gear I need to do so holds no interest for me. That’s just not me anymore.

So I for the moment I’ve turned away from RIFT to LOTRO, where my Hunter is busy levelling up Tailoring and Foresting (she’s turning hides into leather in the shot above) and my newly minted Warden alt has just wandered into Bree.  I make backstories in my mind for these characters (which I will have to share one day, if I am brave) and keep making mental notes to re-read LOTR. At the moment, LOTRO has almost everything I want in an MMO while RIFT is starting to resemble WoW just a little too much.

I wouldn’t mind raiding at all. I’d actually like to give it a go, I really would. I just don’t want to have to get back on the hampster wheel to do so.

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