Indulging my inner nerd.

Things are looking a bit different around here.

Back in the day, I pretty much built all my sites from scratch. First I used Movable Type and then later, Expression Engine. I never really found any templates I liked so I designed and coded everything myself. But in 2009, after Life As I Knew It imploded, I really couldn’t be arsed. So I started using WordPress, because it had some prebuilt templates that were ok. I even built a site or two in it, but not this one. For this one I just used one of the freebie templates that came with it.

This weekend I decided it was time to get my nerd on. I set up MAMP on my computer and thought about how I might be able to rebuild the site. I really loved ExpressionEngine when I used it, but it had moved on to ExpressionEngine 2 and a little research showed that there was no semi-easy way to transfer all the content from WordPress to EE. So it looked like was stuck with WP, but really I didn’t want to have to do all the coding to put the site on a grid, etc.

Then I found Thesis. Thesis is a framework — well, I guess technically it’s a theme. But it’s got a neat little interface where you can change the number and size of the columms, fonts, colours, etc. It also adds some additional fields for posts in terms of metadata, thumbnails, etc. And its got hooks which let you do more complicated things. Sadly, unlike WordPress, it’s not free. But last night I was feeling impulsive and one quick PayPal transaction later  was a Thesis owner.

It was easy as to install and set up, and it didn’t take me much time to update the site. I didn’t really modify the basic Thesis design all that much, but I like it. And I’m planning on doing more. I just figured I’d start out simple.

It was one of those things where you find yourself going, “I need to go to the store… but what happens if I just change this one little setting… Oooh! What if I change…”. And so on.

Last week I had to read a lot of ‘mommy blogs’ for work. I was surprised to see how good some of them were – both in terms of quality of writing and in terms of design. It made me want to do something more with this space. Not that I’m going to become a ‘mommy blogger’ or anything (I think the closest I could come is qualifying as a ‘doggy blogger’), but it’s inspired me at least.

We’ll see how it goes…

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