iPad: do not want

So today was the day I’d been waiting for: Apple introduced its new tablet, the iPad.

My current MacBook is hanging on by a thread. It puts itself to sleep randomly. The left shift key broke off and numerous other keys take repeated presses to work. I’ve found that three years is about the usual serviceable life for my computers, and this one is just over three years old.

I was holding out on buying a new laptop until I saw the tablet. And after reading all the stories about the iPad and watching the launch videos, I have made my decision. I am not buying an iPad to replace my laptop. I’m getting another MacBook.

The things that are keeping me from buying iPod are:

  • no multitasking – at this moment I have six applications open, including TweetDeck, Ventrilo and Mail, and I need me my multitasking!
  • no camera – the larger device format wouldn’t work for taking happy snaps, but it would be nice to have a camera for video calls
  • maximum storage is 64GB  – not all that much if you plan on watching a lot of videos and I reckon you’d need another computer for storage (which I have, but I like keeping my videos on my laptop)
  • no USB port – there will be a dongle you can attach to give you a USB port, but it will plug into the same place you plug in the dock/keyboard/etc.

I don’t really use my laptop to do much high powered stuff. I use it for writing, talking on Ventrilo or Skype, surfing the net, checking email, watching videos and DVDs. Occasionally I use it to do some simple Photoshop stuff for a web post, and I will probably install BootCamp/Windows again so I can play Final Fantasy XI while away from home (and, eventually, Final Fantasy XIV), but these last things aren’t ‘mision critical’.

Looking over what I need and what the iPad offers, I’ve realised that even if what I do on my portable computing device isn’t all that complex, a laptop is going to better suit all of my needs than an iPad.

Will I buy an iPad in 2010? Maybe. But I’ll buy the MacBook first and then maybe, just maybe, buy the iPad as a secondary device (if it’s not too gawdawful expensive here in Australia). The current guestimate for the iPad’s arrival in Australia is mid-year, and I couldn’t wait that long anyways.

I was so excited about the tablet and now I’m a bit meh. If someone gave me one I’d be like ‘OMG THANK YOU!’ but I wouldn’t go out and purchase one on day dot. Once there are a heap of content providers, maybe I’ll feel differently. But for now, do not want.

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