Getting sucked in.

Evening at The Prancing Pony

And so the evening ends by the fire at The Prancing Pony, listening to the fire crackle and the music play…

I had planned to mix up my gaming today – LOTRO, Rift, EQ2x. But the only thing I played was LOTRO.

My character did her Level 15 class quest, which gave her an epic helm as a reward. It’s a bear head and I love it because it makes her look like very fierce, and yet cute at the same time. I told myself it was made of fleece, because otherwise I realised I would be putting the skin (albeit pixelated) of a dead bear on my head. So it’s fleece, ok?

Of course the bear head didn’t work with the whole hooded cloak look I had going on. While you might think there would be an option to ‘push the hood back’ so that your helm is visible, that’s not the case. With the hood/cloak on, the helm was hidden. So I did what any rational person would do and went back to the LOTRO store where I purchased a second cloak that looked particularly ‘huntery’. Turbine, you have my number.

While running around Bree I saw more than one person person whose outfit made me go ‘Ooooh, look!’ Most of these people had multiple outfits and only one person was showing their equipped items. While there was one person who was wearing an item I recognised from the store, subsequent research has revealed you can get cosmetic items from skirmishes, holiday/special events, repull rewards… and you can use ‘normal’ items as cosmetic items.

In WoW, the gear you got eventually became obsolete no matter how wonderful it looked. In LOTRO, even though you may get a better piece ‘stats-wise’ you can keep the look of your older gear. While it doesn’t make me want to run instances or raids any more, it does increase the probability that I’ll invest time and money (within reason, of course) to get what I want. And building looks for different occasions/situations is so much more interesting to me than building spreadsheets full of stats.

Good lord. I am doomed.

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