On the street: the argument.

Couple fighting at CNY parade
“You follow me around like a fucking sheep! It drives me crazy!”

This isn’t the best picture I took yesterday, but it has the best story.

I was wandering through the crowd, trying to figure out if it was going to be possible to get on the side of the street with public transport access, when I heard a woman’s voice. Her angry voice.

She was behind me, slightly to one side and as she continued to berate her partner for something they pulled away from the crowd slightly. And then she let him have it:

You follow me like a fucking sheep! I can’t stand it!

I took this photo right after she said that, as she continued to tear him down for not telling her that he preferred to stay where they were standing, that he never communicated anything to her. You can see how he withdraws physcially, taken aback by the accusations. I took another picture shortly after this where his posture is more aggressive, leaning in as if to wordlessly refute her remarks.

I wanted to get closer but couldn’t – he slmost made eye contact with me a couple of times, and I knew that if he realised I was taking their photo he’d at the very least walk away. So I got as close as I could get with a 35mm lens (equivalent, that is – in actuality it’s 23mm). Which didn’t feel close enough, but then again if I was closer I would have missed out on the woman on the left.

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