Photographer of the Day: Bruce Gilden

“Photography is a voyeuristic medium, like looking into other people’s windows at night. I’m not a peeping Tom, but if I’m walking down the street — you see the lights on and those beautiful bookshelves and the people drinking martinis — I like to look. So I translate that into taking pictures. It gives me something to do. No matter where I go in the world, I go specifically to take photographs. I don’t take vacations.”

Bruce Gilden is a very polarising photographer. Some people love him, some people don’t. His work is very confrontational in style, and some people think that it can be inappropriate (such as his recent work in Haiti).

I only discovered Bruce Gilden recently, but he’s one of my favourite photographers now. I especially love the photos where he uses a flash. He’s so direct, out there. There is nothing stealthy or surreptious or sneaky about his work. He is not at all afraid.

I wish I could be a little bit more like that.

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