Photographer of the Day: Lewis Baltz

The questioning of the photograph in its relation to reality, the interrogation of representation, the famous crisis of representation, really took place before digital technology. Digital technology is not the villain here, it simply offers another dimension.” Lewis Baltz

Lewis Baltz is an American photographer and one of the originators of the New Topographic movement in landscape photography, which was basically the anti-thesis of nature-focused landscapes by Ansel Adams et al.

From Wikipedia:

His entire work is focused on the counter-aesthetic of photography, searching beauty in desolation and destruction. Baltz images describe the architecture of the human landscape, offices, factories, and parking lots. His pictures are the reflection of control, power, and influenced by and over human beings.

I love his work – the composition, the starkness, how he shows both the ugliness and the beauty in the everyday urban world around us that’s decaying even as we speak.

More on Lewis Baltz:
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