Saturday morning in Leichhardt.

Woman feeling seedy

I love the photography workshop I’m taking, but getting up at 5am every Saturday is killing me. This week we went to Leichhardt and while I got a photo or two that I was happy with, I wasn’t feeling it quite like I did last week. One thing I’ve noticed is that, sadly, people just seem more interesting with a cigarette. Whether it’s the expression they make, the way the smoke curls around their fingers, the fact that it gives them something to do with their hands – I don’t really know. It doesn’t make me want to smoke (why I ever smoked, I have no fricken clue other than I was an idiot). It just makes me want to take photos of smokers.

Next week is the last class and I’m both happy and sad. Happy that I’ll be able to sleep in (and hopefully stop taking three hour naps from 1–4 on Saturdays) and sad that I won’t be hanging out with a really nice group of people doing the thing I love most. After next week, it’ll be up to me to get out there and keep going with this.

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