Joel Meyerowitz, Street Phographer (1981)

“What is the art experience about? Really, I’m not interested in making “Art” at all. I never, ever, think about it. To say the word “Art”, it’s almost like a curse on art. I do know that I want to try to get closer to myself. The older I get, the more indications I have about what it is to get closer to yourself. You try less hard. I just want to be.”

– Joel Meyerowitz

What are you waiting for?

Took this with the camera on my lap, not looking through the viewfinder. I took about five shots in total, but this one is easily the best. When I took it I was really thinking about the guy on the left, who seemed to be intently waiting for the bus. I thought the guy on the right would be a nice complement, but I didn’t even really notice the girls in the Yellowglen ad in the middle, or the line of copy on the ad. Both of which make this picture more than it would have otherwise been, I think. It’s not perfect (I wish it was more straight on as opposed to being shot slightly upwards) but I really like it.