The Big Move

The movers are coming on Tuesday. My stuff will be delivered to my new house on Friday. I start my new job the Monday after that. Freaked out much? Just a little, heh.

Obviously the above means I was finally successful in finding a place to live. I actually managed to find a fantastic place on my last trip (the one with the aforementioned bad hotel experience). It was literally the only place I walked into and said, “Ooooh this would be perfect”. The neighborhood I wanted to live in most. A great space for me to live in – not too overly polished and schmick, but lovely and comfortable and in perfect condition. A fantastic location where I could walk to great restaurants, grab a coffee at a local cafe, wander down to the park with my dog. And they were happy to accommodate both my cat and my dog. The only downside is that there’s no parking besides the onstreet variety. But I talked to the current tenant and she said she’d never had a problem finding a spot, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

It’s within my budget, though a bit more than I wanted to pay. But I was happy to pay it to get everything I wanted. I looked at a couple of places that were the same amount or more, and they all fell down in some way. The street was overly busy, the house was a rundown veal box (albeit in a great location), it was just not quite right. This one – just right.

So this week is pretty full. And exciting. And a bit overwhelming. But all in a totally good way.

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