The game that started it all for me.

I didn’t have a computer growing up. While I’d joined the computer club in Year 7, having a personal computer at home back then was a rarity. The closest I came was the Apple II that my best friend’s father had. I wanted one badly, but I knew I could never rationalise it to my mother so I didn’t even ask. Really all I wanted it for was to play games, and in particular to play Ultima.

I remember going over to her house and sitting there, watching her play. She was working her way through the game, whenever her father wasn’t using the computer, so I didn’t really get a chance to play on my own. I tried to help where I could, but mostly I remember doing a lot of watching.

Watching that video explains a lot about who I am today… I’m pretty much the same girl who was totally enamoured by that game and by the computer that played it.

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